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USA Platinum

Apply for USA Platinum

Apply for USA Platinum Now

*Guaranteed Online Approval with the USA Platinum!

  • Unsecured credit line up to $7,500!
  • Enjoy great merchandise while establishing or re-establishing your credit!
  • No employment verifications and No credit check
  • *See website for terms and conditions.
  • Reports to a major credit bureau.
  • Monthly credit limit increases.
  • Great for establishing credit and re-establishing poor credit history.

Apply for USA Platinum

USA Platinum, issued by USA Credit, is designed for those who wish to establish or re-establish credit.

Although the USA Platinum has a $149.95 account set-up fee, it is considered reasonable as compared to similar cards designed to establish credit, many of which can charge fees from anywhere between $200 to $400 for the first year of membership. In addition, USA Platinum has no annual fee and no interest rate on purchases.

Those who become active members of the USA Platinum will be glad to know that transactions will be reported to a major credit bureau. The USA Platinum also provides new members with a bonus, which gives the member unlimited free access to view their credit report.

The major drawback of this USA Platinum is that it can only be used for retail purchases through the USA Credit sponsored website and catalogs. In essence, the USA Platinum is a retail charge card that can only be used for selected products. However, this may or may not be a drawback for certain members. In addition, USA Platinum requires a 20-30% deposit for merchandise purchases until cardholders demonstrate that payments will be made in a timely manner.

Therefore, those who do not require a credit card for general everyday purchases may find the USA Platinum as a suitable option.

USA Platinum

Mistakes do happen in life, and because of which many people end up with a bad credit history as bankruptcy or are considered to have defaulted on credit payments and found themselves on Blacklists. As such these people are unable to prove themselves creditworthy.

For these concerns, the USA Platinum is an ideal and a straight way to establish or re-establish credit. However, a nominal amount of account set-up fee is being charged, but the benefits that you secure on possessing this card, is worth it. An unsecured credit line up to $7500 with a guaranteed online approval and monthly credit limit increases are all that you can avail.

Apply Now! for a tension free and secured future.

Apply for USA Platinum